Through our work in R+D+i, we research new technologies applicable to the forest sector. We make our research public, as we firmly believe that shared knowledge contributes to society’s advancement. Here are our publications:

NIR sector forestal

NIR and the origen of wood

Presentation of experimental analysis in 3 localities at the Spanish Forest Conference 2017. The analysis regarded the study of the Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIR) and the geographic origen of the wood.

De Luque, M., Álvarez San Millán, M., Pérez, S., Sierra, V., Luque, L., García, E. (2017) Development of an application based on the Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIR) to identify the species and the geographic origen of the wood. 7th Spanish Forest Conference, Plasencia (Cácerres), 26-30 June 2017. Poster.

Forest Certification in the cork sector

Certification schemes, like the FSC, offer an opportunity to guarantee both the implementation of a forestry plan and stability for the forests, as well as to optimize all the resources they offer: agriculture, livestock, and forestry.

Sonia Perez Mazario y Manuel de Luque Ripoll. 6th Spanish Forest Conference Vitoria – Gasteiz (Pais Vasco), 10-14 June 2013. Poster

Investigación Forestal

NIRWOOD: an EU Innovation Project to Determine Species and Geographical Origin of Timber Using NIR Spectrometry

Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIR) will be a revolutionary innovation for the wood sector. The ability of this analytical technique to determine chemical and physical properties of wood has been positively tested. But NIR has also been proven to be a useful tool to determine other indirect data, such as the botanical species or its geographical origin, because environmental features give a unique fingerprint to any timber sample.

Sierra, V.; De Luque, M.; Álvarez-San Millán, M.; Pérez, S.; García, E.; Luque, L. 28th International Conference for Wood Modification and Tecnologies 2017; Zagreb 7-8 Diciembre 2017.