Our team

Who we are

GEA Forestal was started with the firm purpose of improving our environment by offering technically responsible solutions with the natural environment.

Our company has become established in the last few years as a model at the national level for the implementation of forest certification systems like FSC and PEFC. Currently, we have facilitated the certification of more hectares of private forests than any other company in Spain. More than 30,000 hectares have achieved the FSC stamp thanks to our work.

At GEA Forestal we also carry out another series of services focused both on forest owners and businesses in the sector.

Business Philosophy

At GEA Forestal, we recognize the importance of conserving and improving our natural environment, and as such, we strive to offer the best technical and human solutions possible to achieve responsible and sustainable management of our forest resources.

Since our start in 2011, our company philosophy has been that of participative and equal teamwork, allowing us to apply our knowledge to technical projects and to grow both professionally and personally.

As experts in the field, we have the responsibility to balance human development with the protection of our planet.


We have a multidisciplined team comprised of highly-qualified experts with considerable experience in the sector.

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Sonia Pérez Mazarío: CEO

Forest Engineer (Technical University of Madrid).

Master’s in Contamination Processes and Defense of the Natural Environment (UPM)

Master’s in International Cooperation (ANCELD).

Formulation and development of FSC Forest Certification projects.




Basilio Rodriguez: Project coordinator.

Forest Engineer (Technical University of Madrid).

Expert in shaping, management and implementation of projects focused in environmental issues and social and rural development.




Txema Fernandez: Technical project manager.

Forestry engineer graduate (Technical University of Madrid).

Protected natural areas Master (UAM, UCM y UAH).



Bea de Pedro: Technical project manager.

Forestry engineer (Technical University of Madrid).



Joe Zambrano: Technical project manager.

Forestry engineer graduate (Technical University of Madrid).

Data science and Big Data Master (UCM).



Jara García de la Cruz López: Technical project manager.

Forestry engineer graduate (Technical University of Madrid).

Master in forest engineer (UPM).

Expert in SUstainable forest management, lichens identification and structural timber calculation.



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