Training and consultancy


With more than 10 years of experience in the field, we offer a guarantee of professional and personalized training and consultancy for our clients. Our specialist team acts as a consultant for businesses and forest owners to seek out the best solutions and employ the best methods and technologies available, according to their needs. In addition to educational courses, GEA Forestal has developed teaching guides related to forest sustainability and forest certification systems.


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Environmental Studies

Analyzing the natural environment is fundamental to our knowledge of existing resources and how best to protect them. At GEA Forestal we use the Carbon Footprint Calculator, Environmental Impact Studies and whatever environmental analysis required by the government to carry out subsequent work. Currently, we are carrying out an environmental recuperation study for the Torete and Albatages rivers in the municipality of Galapagos, Spain.

Quality Systems

Quality systems help companies improve their methods of operation and identify resources and objectives with the end goal of optimizing their production processes. There are various regulations and requirements for the implementation of a quality system– the ISO regulations are used most often. At GEA Forestal, we implement the necessary management systems to gain access to the ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 certificates.


Recommendations for utilizing non-wood forestry products

To achieve maximum profitability and multiple uses of the forest, we recommend carrying out non-wood-based forestry ventures, such as resin extractions, planting mycorrhized holm oak trees to exploit truffles or hunting operations.

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GIS Cartography

Produces digital mapping related to forest areas, the environment, or the management of the territory. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow us to see several layers of information and obtain precise geometric calculations. They also allow us to create Vegetation Indices that show the quantity, quality, and growth of vegetation.


We must be committed to improving the forestry sector by spreading our acquired knowledge to others. In this way, our work will give rise to specialized professionals supporting the improvement and conservation of our environment, while at the same time offering economically beneficial solutions. We have staff with extensive teaching experience who have carried out numerous training programs both for private companies, as well as for private properties or public administrations. We are also committed to university education, maintaining educational agreements with the Catholic University of Ávila, the Complutense University of Madrid, and the Autonomous University of Madrid, through which their students can complete internships with us.

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Grant Applications

Grants are fundamental in our sector to accomplish the forestry work and projects. For this reason, we offer counseling to forest owners and write and process their applications so they can benefit from existing grants. We have successfully processed grants for public administrations, such as Ayuntamiento de Campillo de Ranas, Tierzo, Esplegares, Saelices de la Sal, Sotodosos, etc.