Paper on the systems of Forest Certification and eco-friendly agriculture as tools in the management of pastures and as driving forces for new paths of negotiation.

The dehesa is an exceptionally valuable ecosystem in terms of biodiversity, there is as much fauna as there is flora, and therefore needs manpower for proper maintenance. Silviculture and livestock practices allow the dehesa to maintain itself, and converting the area into a more closed-off type of forest would put it at a greater risk of catching fire…

How to Adapt a Dehesa Forest Management Plan to the Certification Systems Requirements

Agrupación Sanviceteña de Empresarios del Corcho (ASECOR) is aware that the product with which it works, cork, comes from dehesa plantations and cork tree forests with high environmental and social values. The natural environment in which cork trees live has enormous value as an ecosystem, as it is one of the major refuges of biodiversity in Europe. On the other hand, both the care of the cork tree and the harvesting of the cork are fundamental to the fixation of…

FSC certification guide for small properties

At the global level, society is demanding more sustainability guarantees for the products they consume. The consumer recognizes that we must safeguard the forests’ environments at the same time that we take advantage of their resources so as not to exhaust them, and that these activities should respect the rights and the dignity of the people who live or work in these forests and the surrounding areas. As such, before buying a forestry product, the consumer is compelled to ask, “Where did this come from? What is the future of the forest where it came from? And of its inhabitants and workers?” The FSC certification system and label give an unambiguous response to these questions: the origin of this product is environmental, social, and…


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Regulations for the forestry and environmental sectors in Spain and Europe

Spain Forestry Law (Ley de Montes– España).

Spain Forestry Law 2003 (Ley de Montes 2003– España).

Spanish Forestry Plan (Plan Forestal Español).

Spanish Forestry Plan Appendices (Anexos al Plan Forestal Español).

Spanish Forestry Strategy. First Part. (Estrategia Forestal Española. Primera parte).

Spanish Forestry Strategy. Second Part. (Estrategia Forestal Española. Segunda parte).

Spanish Forest Strategy Appendices (Anexos a la Estrategia Forestal Española).

List of the autonomous forest legislation in Spain (Listado de la legislación forestal autonómica en España).

Forest statistics yearbook 2011– advance (Anuario de estadística forestal 2011– avance).

FAO Assessment of global forest resources 2010. Spain. (FAO Evaluación de los recursos forestales mundiales 2010. España).

Organic Law 2007 for the sustainable development of the rural environment (Ley orgánica 2007 para el desarrollo sostenible del medio rural).

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EU wood trade documents

Information about European Regulations for wood trading.

EUTR Regulation (2010) about the commercialization of wood in the EU.

Royal Decree 1088/December 4, 2015 to secure the legality of the commercialization of wood and wood products.

Regulation for the recognition of Supervising Organizations.

Regulation about the due diligence system and controls.

Guide and terminology document about the EUTR application.

CITIES Convention.

CITIES appendices I, II, and II.

General information about the FLEGT Action Plan.

Introduction to FLEGT.

Regulation (2005) for the establishment of the FLEGT license system applicable to the importance of wood in the European Community.

Regulation (2008) that established rules for the development of the Regulation for the establishment of the FLEGT license system applicable to the importance of wood in the European Community.

International Convention on tropical wood.

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The environment in Spain

Some data on the environment in Spain.

Strategic Plan for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity 2011-2017.

Criteria and Indicators of sustainable forest management in Spanish forests (2012).

Natura 2000.

Natura 2000 Network Viewer.

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Fight against illegal tree-felling and deforestation

Relevant documents about illegal tree-felling and deforestation at the global level.

Illegal Logging Portal.

European Union: efforts against illegal tree-felling.

WWF Deforestation.

The WWF Deforestation Full report.

WWF Failing the forests.

Greenpeace Illegal Timber.

Greenpeace forests for the climate.

Good Wood Guide.

Chatham House.

Global Witness.

DRC Timber Trade.

Global Witness. Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM).

Interpol. Green Carbon, Black Trade.

World Bank Chainsaw Illegal Logging Report.

What is REDD+.

Introduction to REDD+.